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Mad Nutcracker's ballad

23 April 1990
External Services:
  • cassidy_b@livejournal.com
May or may not have a tumblr.

Cassidy is a drama student (which doesn’t mean she’s a sobbing and whining mess prompt to overreact (… okay, she sometimes/often is, but that’s not the point), nor that she actually acts), dedicating her Master to the work of Federico García Lorca. She’ll probably complain a lot about it and about her exam-sessions-to-come, and about everything involving Spanish language.

She will speak in French (with broken-English sentences randomly added) about her daily life and her current obsessions, mostly involving Pokémon (games or anime), Sherlock (Holmes) and Umineko no Naku Koro Ni / When They Cry (especially Pokémon, she’s become quite the mono-fandomic type). She will rant about the anime seasons, and cry in front of pieces of work by Minori, KEY or Makoto Shinkai. Soft spot for angst, drama, angst, hurt/comfort and angst. Captivity may be her hugest fictional weakness. She understands and is perfectly fine reading Spanish, English, but she will hurt your sensibility if she expresses herself she prefers not to show her skill.
Sometimes, she will actually write something AND publish it (but too late, hurting deadlines in the process). There will be snow, time considerations, sequestration or claustrophobic dizziness, rain, wind, water and/or fire. Don’t ask.

Is often seen with esqila, the Monster-who-keeps-trying-to-eat-her-brain, when it comes to fangirlism (but Cassidy doesn't bite, and is in fact the diplomatic part of the duo). Parce que c'est les ruptures, c'est cool, et que le français, c'est beau : vous pouvez trouver leurs textes (fanfics) sur mount_purgatory.

She (usually) isn't the one who adds people - because, yeah, she's kind of a I-am-a-bother-sorry-sorry poor shy creature - but will probably friend you back if she’s already spoken with you in a community or somewhere else. If you're a French friend of friend (of friend), chances are probably that she's already lurking or stalking you anyway.

Wanna make her happy this year? Originalshipping, pokémonic-anime-verse!fluff, pokémonic-anime-verse!angst, (Satoshi-I-am-your-father thingy - which means abduction and denial and blackmail and taming and no love ♥), the Shadow Triad Theory, CaféMochaShipping, WishfulShipping, anime-BW!OT3, Tajiri's "Shigeru is Satoshi's Master" canonical interview of doom, BeatoBat, Ange/Amakusa, and Ange/Mammon are pure win.

So now, be gentle LJ: stop asking me to update my bio. Thank you.

See you again~ Have a nice day! =D

(pour les francophones qui rechercheraient une communauté sur Pokémon/Pocket Monsters, n'hésitez pas à aller faire un petit tour sur route_victoire ♥)
20th century boys, a tale of melodies, a tale of memories, alain damasio, amv, andersen, angst, anti-heterophobia, anti-homophobia, arina tanemura, batman, bleach, blood alone, books, cafemochashipping, cafémochashipping, canaan, cardcaptor sakura, changin' my life, chrno crusade, clamp, comashipping, contes, contestshipping, conventions, daes dae'mar, dealshipping, digimon, durarara!!, eels, el cazador, epitanime, fakir/ahiru, fanfiction, fantasy, fantômette, federico garcia lorca, full moon wo sagashite, fullmetal alchemist, glass mask, glass no kamen, gundam seed, gundam wing, h2g2, hans zimmer, higurashi, hikaru no go, his dark materials, ignitionshipping, kaleido star, katekyo hitman reborn, kawai shizuka, kiddy grade, kokia, la horde du contrevent, last exile, les fatals picards, m.o.v.e., makoto shinkai, malik ishtar, mischiefshipping, mizushipping, monster, munto, mythology, naheulbeuk, neil gaiman, neon genesis evangelion, niravana, nodame cantabile, non-canon pairings, nutella, omg a giant rock, originalshipping, palletshipping, penguin brothers, phantom of the opera, philip pullman, pierre desproges, pikashipping, pita ten, please save my earth, pokemon, pokeshipping, pokémon, polarshipping, potter puppet pals, princess tutu, puella magi madoka magica, quatre raberba winner, rie tanaka, robert downey jr, robin hobb, rock music, rocketshipping, rpg, ryo bakura, ryukishi07, scrapped princess, screamshipping, screw the rules, sedateshipping, sherlock holmes, shinshi doumei cross, shizuka kawai, shugo chara, sigur ros, silentshipping, slayers, softshipping, sonic, spice and wolf, spiderman, spirou, star wars, starbucks coffee, svalbard, tendershipping, terry pratchett, the farseer trilogy, the lions of al-rassan, the wheel of time, théâtre, tokyo underground, toradora!, touka gettan, umineko, umineko no naku koro ni, unknownshipping, vampires that don't sparkle, victorian romance emma, wajdi mouawad, when they cry, wishfulshipping, yami bakura, yami no bakura, yu-gi-oh!, yu-gi-oh: the abridged series